List of products by manufacturer Fredenstein

Mono Tube Limiting Amplifier


Mono Tube Microphione Preamp


High Performance 10 Space 500-Seiries Rack


500-Series Mono Mic Preamp


500-Series Mono EQ, Low Q


500-Series Mono 4-Band EQ


A well built, designed and affordable 10-space 500 series rack.


500-Series Mono Compressor


Monitor Controller 500-Series Module


High Performance 6 Space 500-Series Rack 


Solid, Affordable 6-space 500 Series Rack


500-Series Headphone Amp


500-Series Opto Compressor


Two Channel Unbalanced to Balanced Converter Module


Another great inexpensive ( not "cheap") offering from Fredenstein Audio! Doc approved for dynamics that ail you! With a Mix/Parallel control too!


A VERY affordable, well built 500-series pre from Fredenstein Audio. The Doc digs it!

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