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Contact us to find out about your preferred MFtwenty5 configuration.


Radar Studio with 24 channels I/O Ultra Nyquist 192kHz capable AD/DA converters *This configuration can be modified, just let us know what YOU want.


Radar Studio with 24 channels Classic 96, 96kHz AD/DA converters *This configuration can be modified, just let us know what YOU want.


RADAR Studio Package w/ 16ch Classic 96 I/O. Proven RADAR Recording Platform now runs your DAW too!   *This configuration can be easiy customized, just let us know!


Mastering Compressor


120v Rail 24-Channel Summing and Monitoring Console


Quested's flagship active powered Mid Field Monitor. With Configurable Mid-Range/Tweeter Module, the V-3110's offer any capable room, incredible transparency that is natural and non-fatiguing. These are among the most accurate monitors we've tried. You can hear all the separation, detail and mojo in every part of your recordings. They have a drier, honest...


Coil Audio PS-6 Rack and PSU loaded with CA-286 Mic Pre Modules.


The VT-24 is stuffed to the brim with Four channels of legendary D.W Fearn tube preamplifers! 


The VT-5 Stereo Equalizer is a dual-channel version of the acclaimed VT-4 LC Equalizer. The frequencies, steps, curves, etc. are exactly the same. The VT-5 is a true stereo equalizer, with one set of controls that work on both channels simultaneously.


The C725 is a truly unique microphone, incorperating the very best of what Josephson Engineering does, in a new Hybrid Tube-Solid State design.


Truth in monitoring breeds perfect translation to outside systems. The HEDD Type-30 present a very tight, articulate low end and ultra focused mid range. Expect all the details in your recordings to be heard and felt. Ultra low Distortion, extreme seperation and fast transient reponse make the HEDD Type-30 a favorable 3-way contender. Midfield Studio...


From the father of the recording console comes the 5060 Centerpiece: the Class-A analog heart of your 21st-century studio.       


Mono, All Tube (8), All Transformer (6), Limiting Amplifier like Fairchild 660


The BOCK AUDIO 507 provides a response that "ties a knot" between life giving space, high fidelity and ultra accurate detail. Smooth and Round but always clear. The 507 has a measureably large, but “crafted" proximity that allows the engineer equalizer like action with regard to distance, in order to work the 507 over many types of performances.   


The JCF AUDIO DA8-V is an eight channel D/A converter outfitted with vintage inspired tube/transformer line section. It is huge and alive sounding, with a heavily weighted footprint that is rich with harmonics but also with a super clear tonality. It has been said that the DA8-V may actually bring back what digital audio has been rumoured to lose forever.  


The JCF AUDIO Latte is a 2 channel A/D D/A converter outfitted with vintage inspired transistor/transformer topology with switchable microphone preamplifiers. The unit is quite complicated, so rather than try and explain it here, just give DSPdoc a call and we'll be happy to demystify the units complexity. 

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