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Coil Audio PS-6 Rack and PSU loaded with CA-286 Mic Pre Modules.


The VT-24 is stuffed to the brim with Four channels of legendary D.W Fearn tube preamplifers! 


The JCF AUDIO Latte is a 2 channel A/D D/A converter outfitted with vintage inspired transistor/transformer topology with switchable microphone preamplifiers. The unit is quite complicated, so rather than try and explain it here, just give DSPdoc a call and we'll be happy to demystify the units complexity. 


Earlybird 4-channel Tube Preamp


Greg Hanks BA660 with AD Electronics Added. 


Studio Microphone preamp. Dual Mono, Tube, Like Telefunken Siemens V76m.


70dB Tube Mic Preamp designed for Low Output Ribbon Micrphones. 


The "King" of tube mic preamps!


Transformerless, transparent 8-Channel microphone preamplifier for critical recording applications.


Two Channel Tube Preamp w/ EQ


Discrete 4-Channel Mic/Line Pre with Variable Output , Aux and Stereo Mix


 Two Channel Fully Balanced All-Tube Preamplifier and Instrument Input Amplifier


Deduct $200 for unit without power supply.


GML is slowly but surely ramping up production again! As of 22 December, 2015, the 2032 is being built and orders are being accepted! 


Portable Microphone Amplifier  


Dual Mono Mic Preamp. Tube, like Telefunken Siemens V72s

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