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Discrete 4-Channel Mic/Line Pre with Variable Output , Aux and Stereo Mix


Discrete 4-Channel Mic/Line with Variable Output


The API 2500 is a discrete VCA stereo compressor. If you like solid and thick, weighted sounding might enjoy the 2500 as much as we do. With the 2500’s versatile layout, the compression characteristic and program behavior can be tweaked and refined so greatly, that we find that it can work exceedingly well for many types of applications. 


525's are heavy and big sounding comp's with a really nice softening to the top and cool thickening on the bottom. Weighted punch will find you, when you nail the sweet spot. This is a great acoustic guitar comp. A couple smashing drum stems in parallel with one slamming electric guitars and bass in the same fashion usually proves useful.


The 512C with New Output Level Control


NEW! API 8-Slot Lunchbox!

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