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Eight channel mic-preamp/Mixer


The JDK R24 is a Dual Channel EQ that is very simple, and easy to operate. See the target, and control your tone!!! The R24 has really low phase smear and some nice present "euphony", which one might associate with its output transformers.


The JDK R22 can mellow bright tones and make them more natural sounding. The sweet organic character and easy to dial operation is all a bonus to this dual channel workhorse. Also featuring API's useful THRUST feature; tone shaping is made super easy - and auto attack/release helps so you don't have to think too hard to get the settings nailed down. 


Ruggedly manufactured by API (Automated Processes, Inc.) the JDK R20 is a solid, reliable, dual channel microphone and instrument preamplifier that is really easy to get great sounds with. And of course, like the rest of the JDK hardware, is extremely easy on the wallet!!!!!  


JDK's V14 offers a single channel of professional signal equalization in the popular 500 VPR format. Modeled after the circuitry of classic high end EQ's, the V14 delivers an affordable combination of rugged construction and solid performance. The V14 also features EQ in and out switch, plus dual concentric knobs which provide continuously variable...

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