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120v Rail 24-Channel Summing and Monitoring Console


From the father of the recording console comes the 5060 Centerpiece: the Class-A analog heart of your 21st-century studio.       


Fat Bustard II 14 Channel Tube Summing Mixer


The MM20 is multifaceted product designed to interface with any DAW. Combining features that allow tracking and mixing within the same unit, the MM20 can be considered a small format console. With its high headroom amplifiers and 16 transformers, the tone and size of the audio will leave a lasting impression on you.


12 Channeel Tube Summing Mixer + EQ TX Balanced Outputs


Analog Summing Unit with 16 Inserts


Built around many of the topologies and custom transformers made famous with the 5088 mixer and Portico II series, the 5059 is designed to deliver the untimate "out of the box" sonics and ergonomics in a 2U, rack-mountable chassis.   


8-Channel Mixer w/ Power Supply.  *Modules not included


16x2 Summing Mixer


Purple Audio 1RU Mixer *Pricing for MFTwenty5 Mixer only, does not include other components shown.


Eight channel mic-preamp/Mixer


When You Need Faders but Don't Really Need a Console!


16 Channel Valve Summing Mixer in Purple, Celebrating Thermionic Cultures 20th Anniversary!


When You Need Faders but Don't Really Need a Console!


16 Stereo Input Summing Line Mixerw/ Breakout Box

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