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Quested's flagship active powered Mid Field Monitor. With Configurable Mid-Range/Tweeter Module, the V-3110's offer any capable room, incredible transparency that is natural and non-fatiguing. These are among the most accurate monitors we've tried. You can hear all the separation, detail and mojo in every part of your recordings. They have a drier, honest...


Truth in monitoring breeds perfect translation to outside systems. The HEDD Type-30 present a very tight, articulate low end and ultra focused mid range. Expect all the details in your recordings to be heard and felt. Ultra low Distortion, extreme seperation and fast transient reponse make the HEDD Type-30 a favorable 3-way contender. Midfield Studio...


The freshly redesigned Quested V2108 is absolutely a much improved monitor to the VS model. Absolutely!! Major thumbs up to the Quested Team! The mid range is more even - detailed/revealing, very very clear, overall these speakers are accurate and linear with low speaker driven "sound" or coloration. They are quick and sharply defined at low levels.


The Trio6 Be was designed to meet the standards of the most demanding engineers. 


10" Powered Subwoofer w/ Controller


This is the world's finest stereo monitor controller, with built in mastering quality Digital to Analog Converters, audiophile-grade headphone amplifier and unrivaled system configuration tools. For hardworking audio professionals and studios that demand the very best playback available.


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The Lateset Iteration of Dave Hill's Stereo Monitor Controller.


Control Room Monitor


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120v Rail Headphone Monitoring Amplifier


7.1 Surround Volume Controller


Powerd Nearfield Monitor with 6.5"Woofer - PRICED PER PAIR


Studio Nearfield Monitor 7" Woofer, 2x 100w - Pair


Radically flexible Monitor Controller from Coleman Audio.


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