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Mastering Compressor


Mono, All Tube (8), All Transformer (6), Limiting Amplifier like Fairchild 660


One of the best Stereo Mix Compressors on the Planet!


Greg Hanks BA660 with AD Electronics Added. 


The compression character of the VT-7 is transparent and polished while the frequency response stays full and clear, but the resulting tone is warm and sweet.  


NEW SPECIAL FEATURES • Elma switches for gain and threshold controls. • Alpha switches for attack and release controls. • All Mullard and Siemens NOS valves. • Easy recall-ability. • Zero adjustment on front. • Precise calibration. • More gain than earlier Master Phoenix. • Standby switch to prolong valve life.


Fairchild 660 Style Tube Compressor/Limiter


Price includes the Required Chandler PSU-1.


Mastering Compressor


Feed Forward Dual Channel Compressor


Mono Tube Limiting Amplifier


Dual Mono fully discrete class A high voltage compressor/limiter.


To quote Fletcher of Mercenary - "It sounds like God!"


Transformer Gain Mic Pre, Inductor EQ, Diode Bridge Compressor

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