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Mastering Compressor


Mono, All Tube (8), All Transformer (6), Limiting Amplifier like Fairchild 660


NEW SPECIAL FEATURES • Elma switches for gain and threshold controls. • Alpha switches for attack and release controls. • All Mullard and Siemens NOS valves. • Easy recall-ability. • Zero adjustment on front. • Precise calibration. • More gain than earlier Master Phoenix. • Standby switch to prolong valve life.


One of the best Stereo Mix Compressors on the Planet!


Greg Hanks BA660 with AD Electronics Added. 


The compression character of the VT-7 is transparent and polished while the frequency response stays full and clear, but the resulting tone is warm and sweet.  


Fairchild 660 Style Tube Compressor/Limiter


Price includes the Required Chandler PSU-1.


Mastering Compressor


Feed Forward Dual Channel Compressor


Mono Tube Limiting Amplifier


Pair of BAE 10DCF's including PSU


Dual Mono fully discrete class A high voltage compressor/limiter.


To quote Fletcher of Mercenary - "It sounds like God!"

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