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The VT-5 Stereo Equalizer is a dual-channel version of the acclaimed VT-4 LC Equalizer. The frequencies, steps, curves, etc. are exactly the same. The VT-5 is a true stereo equalizer, with one set of controls that work on both channels simultaneously.


REQ-2.2 MP - Mastering Version Fitted with PALAZZO switched boost/cut controls - $7100   REQ-2.2 ME - Mastering Version Fitted with ELMA switched boost/cut controls, built to order - $8100 


GML Equipment is slowly but surely becoming available again, As of 22, Decmeber 2015, the 8200 EQ IS available! The 8200 EQ requires one 8355 PSU, included in this price.


One of our favorite tube equalizers from D.W Fearn! 


Fully Discrete, Class-A 2-Channel EQ


Great River NV-series Pre and EQ package...also includes 2x TRS Patch Cables

$5,000.00 $5,175.00

Deduct $200 for unit without power supply.


GML is slowly but surely ramping up production again! As of 22 December, 2015, the 2032 is being built and orders are being accepted! 


Deduct $300 for unit without power supply.


Transformer Gain Mic Pre, Inductor EQ, Diode Bridge Compressor


Deduct $200 for unit without power supply.


Deduct $200 for unit without power supply.


Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ Equalizer

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