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The C725 is a truly unique microphone, incorperating the very best of what Josephson Engineering does, in a new Hybrid Tube-Solid State design.


Doc's take: The C716 is one of the best creations to spring from the Josephson Mic shop. Borrowing the electronics and capsule element from the C700 series, but configured in a cardioid polar pattern. The revolutionary Josephson Metal Foam head that is employed helps to dispel harsh resonances, air blasts and other anomalies, without changing the response...


Doc's take: The C715 exhibits a gradually smooth treble response, with a soft, pliable sound. It is easy to mold into almost anything you want, but has a natural and warm tonal quality. Omni and Cardioid polar patterns are available by adjusting the "Acoustic Vent" screw on the back. We suggest trying the screw turned halfway in between patterns to get a...


Doc's take: The Josephson C617 amplifier body combined with the Gefell MK221 is a world class standard for excellence in both measurement and musical applications. Very popular with serious recordist's looking for stunning realism and unrelenting transient response, without distortion and associated artifacts. This set has zero coloration, extremely low...


Doc's Take: We can't describe the versatility of a Josephson e22s in this little text box. But we do strongly recommend purchasing at least three at a time. 


Are you seeking a more Natural Sounding Stereo Recording Technnique? The OSS disk is one of the better choices you can make for your pressure omni microphones. Need the best Pressure Omni's? Just add a pair of Josephson C-617SET with this system and prepare to be amazed!


**As of June 2017 Josephson no longer offers the HK12 clip as an additional item.

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