500 Series Modules and Frames 

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The Dramastic Audio Obsidian is a highly useful 2-buss tool that "glues" the audio extremely well, while maintaining it's width and bottom end. It puts a cohesive smoothing over the material, and has a certain "heft" from the transformers, but doesn't minimize the audio like other SSL types on the market. 


The Obsidian 500 Dual Mono Expansion from Dramastic Audio adds Dual Mono Functionality to the Obsidian 500.


BAE 1073D 500-series Mic pre/EQ.


500-Series Tube Preamp and EQ


The Classic CL1 in a 500-series module...with more!


The Awesome Channel Amp 500-series Mic Pre, Line Amp, 3-Band EQ, DI, Mixer.


500-Series Channel Amp


"Amazing sounding mic pre. You can go from totally clean to fat and thick with the turn of a couple of knobs, very versatile. I use it on a lot of different sources (vocals, guitar, snare, kick, etc.) and ity sounds great on each of them."  -Michael Wagener      


500-series Stereo Compressor/Limiter


525's are heavy and big sounding comp's with a really nice softening to the top and cool thickening on the bottom. Weighted punch will find you, when you nail the sweet spot. This is a great acoustic guitar comp. A couple smashing drum stems in parallel with one slamming electric guitars and bass in the same fashion usually proves useful.


Extremely smooth Tube Compression 


500-Series 4-Band Parametric EQ with Output Transformer

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