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Active Big Ribbon Studio Microphone


Vaccum Tube Stereo Ribbon Mic


Unidirectional Studio Ribbon Microphone


Stereo Active Ribbon Microphone


Hand Crafted 44 Reproduction


Vacuum Tube Ribbon Microphone!


Doc's take: The AEA 44CE is simply a huge sounding microphone. It really shows off the low end and adds a hefty amount of body, has a thick and full sounding mid range, with a top that is open and smooth, but you lose unwanted analytic harshness without sounding dull. Natural and inviting, big and bold!  


This is the ribbon mic that we used to call el Diablo. Ask us about our history with it...


Stereo Ribbon Microphone


360 degree magnetic swivel mount + Stereo Coles 4040 reach and tone + Two Seperate Microphones = Heaven


Active Ribbon Microphone


The World's First Active Ribbon Mic


Active Ribbon Microphone


Contemporary Stereo Ribbon Mic with Extended Top End Response


Stereo Ribbon Microphone


The SR-1A Passive Ribbon mic is not only big and heavy in size, but also sound! It has a very thick and FAT sound with DEEP hefty low end and a ultra creamy top end. The tone on the SR-1A is unique, but overall very warm and organic. 


The latest ribbon mic offering from Stager, hand bullt in Nashville, USA!


Active Studio Ribbon Microphone


Dual Voice Ribbon Mic


Studio Ribbon Microphone

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