Small Diaphragm Condenser 

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Small Diaphragm Omni Condenser


A pair on Gefell M300's, ORTF bar, mic mounts and foam lined wooden case.


Doc's Take: We can't describe the versatility of a Josephson e22s in this little text box. But we do strongly recommend purchasing at least three at a time. 


Small Diaphragm Instrument Microphone


Matched Pair of Omni Condensers. True, clean, affordable, small...great mics overall. Huge bang for the buck!


KSM Series Dual Pattern Small Diaphragm Condenser


Matched pair of sE5's with Mounting Bar, Shockmounts and Flight Case


With a hand-crafted capsule otherwise unheard-of at this price point, the sE1a helps sE blur the line between "affordable" and "professional" in a big way.


SDC Pair with Interchangeable Capsules


Cardioid SDC with 100Hz low cut and -10db and -20db pads. 

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