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The JCF AUDIO DA8-V is an eight channel D/A converter outfitted with vintage inspired tube/transformer line section. It is huge and alive sounding, with a heavily weighted footprint that is rich with harmonics but also with a super clear tonality. It has been said that the DA8-V may actually bring back what digital audio has been rumoured to lose forever.  


The JCF AUDIO Latte is a 2 channel A/D D/A converter outfitted with vintage inspired transistor/transformer topology with switchable microphone preamplifiers. The unit is quite complicated, so rather than try and explain it here, just give DSPdoc a call and we'll be happy to demystify the units complexity. 


The JCF Audio DA8-T is an 8 Channel DAC with Cinemag Output Transformers.


The JCF AUDIO AD8 is like math; it forces you to think and then helps you solve problems. Namley, uncool sounding digital audio. The AD8's circuit topology and separate modes are interesting to say the least. In our experience, the two seem to resemble the difference of resolution quality found between the input and output electronics of a tape recorder.  


500-Series Channel Amp


*Price per Pair The JCF LEVR combines two mono 500 Series Cards so as to equal a pair of active Stereo Mix Amplifiers, designed to be used in conjunction with the Roll Music RMS216, or similar passive setups. The simplistic and effective circuit has been inspired by all the console summing amplifiers JCF has replaced over the years, for people...


Single Channel DAC card attaches to the JCF More 'N Less module only.

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