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Fairchild 660 Style Tube Compressor/Limiter


The Amtec 852 is old school to the core...Vintage Tone, but with Modern Versatility. A classic style Variable MU tube compressor with Custom Input and Output Transformers.


DSPdoc US Exclusive: The AMTEC PEQ-10 is a deeply clear equalizer with a huge sense of space and atmosphere that is unique to it's well thought out design. These are great for crafting and shaping the body and presence on vocals, bass, drums, and acoustic instruments, as well they track like laser beams on the 2-mix and stereo mastering applications.


500-Series Dynamic EQ **Now Shipping**    


500-Series Distortion Module  


The LLI-5A allows you to insert an Effects Pedal with Line Level signals, such as from your DAW Interface. Or perhaps after your favorite outboard mic preamp! 

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