Dynamic Mics 

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The Shure SM-7B is not only well suited for broadcast applications, but also musical applications. We use the SM-7B for everything from Singers to Snare Drums! 


The PR40 works great on low frequencies!


Large Diameter Dynamic Mic with 2- Position Roll Off


Short Body, Large Diphrgam Dynamic Mic.


The PR 30 is an “end-fire”, or “front address” mic, which means the source is picked up from directly in the front of the mic. The PR 30 lends itself so nicely to voice for a variety of reasons, but end-fire makes it great for miking guitar and bass cabinets as well. The PR 30 is also exceptional for kick & snare drums.


A Great Kick Drum Mic!


Shure SM57 modified with an AMI/TAB T58 Transformer


Optimized for low-frequency bass punch/high-power SPL handling. Designed for kick drum.


The PR 20 can handle an incredible 145dB of SPL and has excellent side and rear noise rejection.


Compact, Cardiod, Dynamic Mic. Excels on Percussion.


Direct Replacement for Shure SM57/SM58 and other Dynamic mics.

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