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Clean, but musical, High Gain and Low Noise four-channel preamp, perfect for Shinbox and other Ribbon microphones. 


500-series Stereo Compressor/Limiter


The JDK R22 can mellow bright tones and make them more natural sounding. The sweet organic character and easy to dial operation is all a bonus to this dual channel workhorse. Also featuring API's useful THRUST feature; tone shaping is made super easy - and auto attack/release helps so you don't have to think too hard to get the settings nailed down. 


Ruggedly manufactured by API (Automated Processes, Inc.) the JDK R20 is a solid, reliable, dual channel microphone and instrument preamplifier that is really easy to get great sounds with. And of course, like the rest of the JDK hardware, is extremely easy on the wallet!!!!!  


KSM Series Multi-Pattern Large Dual-Diaphragm Side-Address Condenser Microphone


USB Audio Interface + Monitor Controller Please specify color: black or white.


Active 2-Way Nearfiled Professional Monitoring Loudspeaker Priced per pair


500-Series Mono EQ, Low Q


500-Series Mono 4-Band EQ


**For SR-2N Matched Pair, which inculdes stereo shock-mount and two mono mounts, please order Qty 2.**


USB Audio Interface + Monitor Controller *Please specify color: black or white.


500-Series Mono Compressor


Active 2-way Nearfiled Professional Monitor.   Priced per pair.


The Most Popular Portable Audio Interface for Mac and iPad, includes Waves Silver Plug-In Bundle!


With abundant power and versatile connections, the R6 delivers peace of mind for engineers who demand a higher degree of confidence in their 500 series racks. 


Matched Pair of Omni Condensers. True, clean, affordable, small...great mics overall. Huge bang for the buck!


With a ribbon optimized for the Lundahl output transformer, the overall frequency response of the ribbon microphone is extended, leaving a ribbon microphone that is very open, accurate, and quite breathtaking!


With a ribbon optimized for the Cinemag output transformer, The 46MXC has a classic ribbon sound and a smooth, musical response.


Monitor Controller 500-Series Module


High Performance 6 Space 500-Series Rack 


Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser


The FMR Audio RNP is very accurate, balanced and ultra low in noise. It is a "No brainer" purchase if you need some extra (but really nice) Mic and Instrument Preamp channels. Also great for location work due to its smaller form factor.  

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