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The VT-24 is stuffed to the brim with Four channels of legendary D.W Fearn tube preamplifers! 


The VT-5 Stereo Equalizer is a dual-channel version of the acclaimed VT-4 LC Equalizer. The frequencies, steps, curves, etc. are exactly the same. The VT-5 is a true stereo equalizer, with one set of controls that work on both channels simultaneously.


The compression character of the VT-7 is transparent and polished while the frequency response stays full and clear, but the resulting tone is warm and sweet.  


One of our favorite tube equalizers from D.W Fearn! 


70dB Tube Mic Preamp designed for Low Output Ribbon Micrphones. 


The "King" of tube mic preamps!


The VT-series microphone preamplifiers will change the way you think of audio quality. The transparency is astounding. Vocals sound smoother, warmer, more intimate, with a compelling presence. Any microphone and any sound will benefit from the improved clarity, definition, and lack of solid-state artifacts.


All Triode Vacuum Tube Direct Injection Box. You won't believe your ears!


March 2017 - The VT-I/F Stand alone unit replaces the VT-3 Rack unit.

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