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Active Big Ribbon Studio Microphone


Unidirectional Studio Ribbon Microphone


Hand Crafted 44 Reproduction


Doc's take: The AEA 44CE is simply a huge sounding microphone. It really shows off the low end and adds a hefty amount of body, has a thick and full sounding mid range, with a top that is open and smooth, but you lose unwanted analytic harshness without sounding dull. Natural and inviting, big and bold!  


Stereo Ribbon Microphone


Ribbon Mic Preamp with Curve Shaping


Active Studio Ribbon Microphone


Big Ribbon Multi-Purpose Mic   Doc's take: The AEA R84 has a FAT ribbon tone that also very detailed as far as ribbon mic's go. Its downright magical on drums, horns, electric guitars and strings. We find it makes for a pretty vibe'y vocal mic, if the singer needs some fullness in the bottom, with some "sweet-but-dry" mid range warmth, and more...


AEA N8 NUVO Series Phantom Powered Ribbon Mic


AEA's Newest Phantom Powered Ribbon Mic


The Ribbon Pre


The R92 is a fantastic option when you need to use a closer position on instruments and don't want to deal with too much bass-boost proximity effect. Great for Electric Guitar and Keyboard amps, [like a Fender Rhodes or a Wurli 200A] also excellent for any type of position on drums since it handles so much SPL, and can be closer to the source without muck...


RPQ 500-Series Preamp, perfectly suited for AEA Ribbon microphones 

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