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500-Series Distortion Module  


The Focal Pro Spirt Headphones are extremely similar in sound and response to the CMS-50, which was pretty startling when we tried them out! They are like wearing speakers on your head!


**As of June 2017 Josephson no longer offers the HK12 clip as an additional item.


**For SR-2N Matched Pair, which inculdes stereo shock-mount and two mono mounts, please order Qty 2.**


The MM20 is multifaceted product designed to interface with any DAW. Combining features that allow tracking and mixing within the same unit, the MM20 can be considered a small format console. With its high headroom amplifiers and 16 transformers, the tone and size of the audio will leave a lasting impression on you.


BAE 1073D 500-series Mic pre/EQ.


Deduct $200 for unit without power supply.


500-Series Dynamic EQ **Now Shipping**    


NEW! API 8-Slot Lunchbox!


*Price per Pair The JCF LEVR combines two mono 500 Series Cards so as to equal a pair of active Stereo Mix Amplifiers, designed to be used in conjunction with the Roll Music RMS216, or similar passive setups. The simplistic and effective circuit has been inspired by all the console summing amplifiers JCF has replaced over the years, for people...


Attach the Latch Lake Xtra Boom arms to any mic stand! 


500-Series Version of its Big Brother the Opticom.


Direct Replacement for Shure SM57/SM58 and other Dynamic mics.


Large Diameter Dynamic Mic with 2- Position Roll Off


Line Level I/O Audio Interface

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