About The Doctor

DSPdoctor is a Pro Audio retailer specializing in high-end recording equipment for studios of all sizes – from bedrooms and garages to world-class facilities around the globe. We thrive on great service, the best selection, unwavering support and vast knowledge. 

The owner at DSPdoctor is a veteran of the pro audio industry; Jay Fitz cut his teeth with Mercenary Audio starting as a 'gofer' and after 12 years moving up to be the Boss. He holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from Berklee College of Music ('91), and has spent many, many hours in recording studios on both sides of the glass. All this experience dates back to times when digital audio was an emerging concept. While DAWs have become the new standard in the recording industry, enhancing the digital world with analog hardware combines the best of both worlds. We embrace and specialize in hybrid recording systems. We welcome the merge between new digital technologies and old- school analog design. 

Our goal is to offer only the very best lines of equipment. You will not find every equipment line on our site, nor will you find musical instruments. We take a specialist’s approach, by representing "boutique" or "artisan" recording equipment, designed and built by people and companies who take pride in their products, provide a needed tool for the engineer, and offer the best support possible. 

Just as we do. 

The Doc’s experience and longevity in the industry has allowed us to forge deep relationships with the manufacturers of all the gear we carry. It is not uncommon for us to receive new piece of gear to try out and provide feedback on before our competitors (ie: Josephson 716), or at times even conceive and assist in product design (Great River MixMaster 20). Sometimes we even get to name products (TK Audio TK-lizer)! 

DSPdoctor is a smaller dealer that can offer the best service and advice, with the added cachet of being available beyond typical "business hours". It is not uncommon for us to be troubleshooting a Pro Tools rig, or advising about a mic purchase at 11pm on a Wednesday or at 10am on a Sunday. We're here to assist and advise our clients. 

Feel free to drop us a line anytime: 1-866-988-9111