VLC-1 by Hazelrigg Industries


Tube Mic/DI/Line Amplifier w/ Passive EQ

$2,700.00 tax incl.

The VLC-1 gives the user a rich, detailed and organic vacuum-tube mic preamp, with a highly musical equalizer to enhance the absolute best attributes of the Class A preamp stage. We love the "purity" and zero-artifact approach to equalization. With the Center Frequency selections derived by listening and analysis, the "sweetest" spots are always easy to find on your source. The VLC-1 is a powerful and flexible vacuum-tube based studio tool! 

  • Microphone / Line / DI Preamplifier; LC Equalizer
  • Amplifier and power supply designed and licensed by D.W.Fearn
  • Transformer coupled input and output
  • All-tube signal path
  • Passive EQ
  • Custom-wound Inductor
  • Dedicated line input
  • Front panel Mic/DI input
  • Locking +48V safety switch
  • 5 year warranty (90 days for vacuum tubes)
  • Built in the USA