Pyramix MassCore Pro


MassCore packs include Pyramix Dongle. *Please note, Masscore must be connected to Hapi/Horus Interfaces using the Merging NET-MSC-GBEX1 Gb Ethernet card.

$4,075.00 tax incl.

If you are a professional, then get the Pyramix pack designed for you. Not only do you get the advantages of MassCore’s power and low latency, but you also get almost every advanced software tool Pyramix has to offer. MassCore Pro also offers truly extended 3D. Able to create speaker outputs in configurations up to 128 speakers allows users to explore the world of immersive audio in ways never possible before.

Technical Details:

MassCore with RAVENNA and Horus / Hapi

-Fixed Ultra Low Latency Performance using the NET-MSC-GBEX1 Gb Ethernet card and recommended Merging Turnkey PC.

Compatibility with Operating systems: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Channel Count:

128 Available Bus types [max speaker configuration]

128 channels at 44/48
64 channels at 88/96
32 channels at 176/192
16 channels at 352/384
16 channels at DSD64/128/256 (2.8MHz / 5.6MHz / 11.2MHz)