Doc's Take:


The CMV563/M7s is a microphone with a "sultry" tone that few microphones can offer. Gefell has done a stunning job re-issuing this legendary "bottle microphone". Sonically speaking, it has a uniquely flattering euphonic presence in the midrange. Perhaps one of the most "ear pleasing" sounds in our catalog! The CMV563/M7s can embolden and refine vocals and string instruments. And, as an Ambient room microphone... oh the depth! It evokes a vintage sound, but is built using modern standards of excellence! An extremely good choice for Soloist and Acoustic Performances where pristine clarity, must run parallel to harmonic enhancement.   


This microphone was developerd by Georg Neumann and produced at his company in Gefell, Germany in the 1950's. Now it will be returnong with the same construction and the original M7 capsule, built in tha same facility just as it was before.


For the new M7S/CMV 563 model, Gefell use the vintage engineering drawings from the 1950's to guarantee a 100% compatibility to the former M7, M8, M9 and M55K.


The M7 production starts in the pre-fabrication with a drilling machine and an experienced technician. In this production step Gefell stays traditional, too. they only use the CNC milling for the newer capsule construction.


In a parallel step, the grid is manufactured with a vintage hand press. The most important part next to the electrode, is the membrane. The M7S uses Gefell's self-made PVC membrane covered with gold. The membrane manufacturing process hasn't changed since the developement of the M7 in the 1930's!


The new CMV 563's circuit board uses discrete electronic components. These are handmade and soldered in Gefell's production department.


The tubes are specially selected and tested by a measurement system and experienced human ears. It's a very long process to find an optimal and stable tube for the CMV 563.


This mic comes with PSU, cable, suspension mount and a bayonet adapter all packaged in a handsome wooden case.